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List of Courses

This following list contains the courses in the curriculum that I am currently teaching or have taught in the past.
Subjects Year Course
Computer Organization and Architecture [2016] MCA I year
Microprocessors [2016] MCA II year
Artifitial Intelligence {Partial} [2016] BCA/MCA V year
PhD Course Work-Bio Statistics (Life Sciences) {Partial} [2016] PhD I year
Formal Language and Automata Theory [2016] BCA II year
Microprocessors [2015] BCA/MCA IV year
Computer Organization [2015] MCA I year
Mathematics-III (Discrete Mathematics) [2015] BCA-MCA II year
Microprocessors [2015] BCA-MCA II year
Basic Electronics [2014], [2013],[2012] BCA-MCA I year
Research Methodology (Statistics) [2014] MPhil, PhD (Microbiology, Botany, Horticulture & Floriculture)
Computer Organization and Architecture [2014] BCA-MCA II year
Operation Research [2014] MBA I year
Data Structure [2013] BCA-MCA I year
Computer Application in Management [2013] MBA I year
Computer System Architecture [2013] BCA-MCA I year
Mathematical Foundation- I (Discrete Structure) [2013] BCA-MCA I year
C Programming [2012] B. Tech. (CSE) I year

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